Best Mobile Apps To Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency

There are many apps that can help you improve your personal performance, add mobility, make your life easier, and make your work more fun. Let’s look at some of them

  1. Toggl is an online tool that allows you to keep track of your personal and team time. You may use the program to track how much time you spend on different projects, calculate task deadlines, and keep track of your entire team’s productivity online. The software is free to use if you work alone or with a team of up to five individuals. You may create projects and tasks using its interface. You can invite new people to the project or assign projects and responsibilities to current ones.

Toggl works on mobile devices as well, and all data is synced under one account. Toggl’s built-in monitoring features allow you to set reminders and track various sorts of activities. There is an option to quickly search for projects and clients through the tag system. Separately, detailed statistics with a lot of filters are presented, you can generate detailed reports with visualization and send them to customers.

  1. Nothing will help you save time better than an email management application, like Clean Email. It’s a safe alternative to Unroll Me app that was found to sell aggregated user data. Email may be a powerful tool for communication, but only if you know how to manage email overload. That’s when you can rely on clean email. This software has smart filters and rules that allow you to sort your incoming messages into relevant groups.

You may switch your focus away from individual emails and delete, archive, move, or label huge groups of emails at the same time since all emails are arranged into easy-to-review bundles. You can unsubscribe from all active subscriptions with a single click or choose particular newsletters that you no longer want to receive using the Unsubscriber function.

  1. Trello. If you are a person who constantly has new ideas, millions of deadlines and other work nuances, you probably can hardly cope with all these things. If you do not learn how to organise your new tasks and ideas by collecting them in one place you will waste a lot of precious time, because your thoughts and mind will be in total chaos.

Trello allows you to understand at a glance what projects are in progress, what teams are working on them, what each employee is doing, and so on. This software interface looks like a bulletin board. It will take you long to understand how everything works. Users can attach files, post comments, create checklists, establish deadlines, and more. Additionally, the notification system will keep board members up to date on all project updates.

  1. Email Verifier. If you deal with email marketing campaigns you cannot avoid verification of email lists. Doing it manually is too time consuming. That is why it is important to look for solutions to this problem. To check email lists you will need to upload them to Email Verifier and the software will do the rest for you. To prevent rubbish and misspelled emails from appearing in your lists, all you need to do is just to add an email verification tool to your signup forms, lead pages, or anywhere else you collect emails.
  2. Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service that allows you to synchronize files between different devices. Imagine a USB flash drive that you will never lose, and you will have access to it wherever you have the Internet. Unlike other cloud services, Dropbox is regularly updated with new features and deeper application integration.

For example, Dropbox integration with MS Office files has recently appeared. If you open an MS Office document in the Dropbox folder, you will see a special button, clicking on which opens a menu for collaborating with the document. The only drawback of the service is the small amount of space in the free subscription.

  1. Evernote was created as a service for creating quick notes that can be viewed from any device connected to the Internet. But today, this service is much more.With Evernote, you can create schedules, store small tasks and global plans, save screenshots of web pages and photo documents, work with files and much more. A big plus of Evernote is its integration with many other Internet services: Dropbox, Gmail, various browsers, schedulers and calendars. Most of the features are available with a free subscription.