Best New Online Gaming Innovations to watch for

Technology has a tremendous impact on online games. Think about graphics, sound quality, programming knowledge, graphics, and the cloud—these are all essential features that make online games playable.

Take away technological advancements, and the gaming industry would be stuck in the 90s. Luckily, technology is perennially improving. This year, these are some of the trends changing the online gambling sector.

Mobile Gaming

Moving away from large screens to playing online games on a pocket device is arguably the most significant gaming trend this decade. For nearly five years, developers have been investing immense sums of money on mobile devices.

Nearly all online casinos support mobile gaming, and the best part of this is that no one has to download an app to access games. If you own an android device or an iPhone, all you need is an Internet browser and access to the Internet.

The best casinos not only offer mobile gaming, but they also welcome you to their platforms with free bonuses. Zamsino does an impressive job at comparing casinos with the best bonuses. The website updates its list of top gaming sites monthly so that you get the best deals of every month.

Of course, you need a decent smartphone to support modern casino games. If you want to play 3D slots, immerse yourself into live gaming action or play AR casino games, make sure you have an advanced phone. But for regular gaming, you can play most slots and table games with a relatively old device.

4K and 8K Video Resolutions

Although most people associate video resolutions with films and TV shows, it has a significant impact on online games. Video games certainly need it to deliver more realistic images. But lately, casino games also invest in HD videos for slots, roulette and other games that involve video action to some extent.

Presently, more than two-thirds of video slots support standard or HD quality videos. Classic games have limited displays while modern video slots support either 1080p or 4K video quality. As 4K and 8K devices get popular with players, more and more slots will feature games with significantly brighter video qualities.

More crisp visuals will mean more impressive games, which will, in turn, lead to more engaging gameplay. When combined with exceptional sound quality, 4K and 8K resolutions will take casino gaming to its extremes.

Invasion of AR

AR brings online gaming to your little world so that everything around you looks like a feature in the game. While shuffling blackjack cards in your kitchen, AR fools you into believing the real world and the gaming world are similar.

AR became a hot topic in 2016 after Pokémon GO went viral. But since then, mobile games have struggled to come up with games that can capture players the way Pokémon GO did. Of course, there are multiple AR games in the market, but you may have to search vastly to find an intriguing game.

In online gaming, AR mostly targets slots. A fruity slots game that looked average before suddenly becomes an interactive game that turns your ride in the subway into a thrilling experience. If you were playing a jackpot and won, you’d probably scream in happiness expecting everyone else to join you.

VR Finally Becoming a Success

VR and AR are like twins, not identical twins, but two sisters that operate differently. While AR creates a gaming world around you, VR immerses you into the gaming world. It makes you forget the real world for a while and engages you into gaming as though you lived there.

Like AR, VR online games are plenty and well-designed. But because most casino players are unwilling to splash $800 for a VR gaming laptop, the technology remains untapped. Many casino players would jump in line top-notch VR games if they were accessible, and they will probably do once an innovation by Google is out.

At its core, Google Stadia aims to take gaming to the cloud so that hardware components no longer limit players to simple games. Beginning November, you’ll be able to access games with 4K quality on a pretty basic laptop.

Unfortunately, Google will support video games before extending its services to casino gaming. But by 2020, you’ll probably not look at this list of free spins no deposit in Canada unless it supports VR gaming. The no deposit offers can be used on a range of visually incredible games, though, so make a point to check them out.

eSports embracing Casino Games

eSports is the relatively new sport Michael Jordan, and other noteworthy sports investors keep backing with millions of dollars. It involves competitive video gaming, but also includes related fields like Twitch streaming.

Top tier eSports athletes depend on the sport for a living and can make up to $10 million annually by winning tournaments and through gambling sponsorships. While it’s not so popular among casino players, it’s fast taking shape. Lately, Twitch streamers that focus on blackjack, slots, and poker have increased.

Casinos partnering with streamers are helping draw top-level video gamers into streaming gambling games. Of course, it will take time before eSports casino gaming action reaches the level of video games, but it’s headed in that direction.

Blockchain Games Rivaling Traditional Games

The crypto fever may have slowed down after Bitcoin took a nosedive at the end of 2017, but that didn’t stop developers from tapping on the blockchain technology. Casinos accepting crypto payments keep increasing.

This year, the focus is not only on crypto payments but also on gambling games made using the blockchain. The technology is hack-proof and allows developers to create provably fair games. In fact, blockchain games give you’re a guide to verify whether a game is fair or not. That way, you don’t need to rely on auditing companies that may not always be trustworthy.

To Conclude

If you love online casino games, you have a lot to be hopeful for in the coming years. Technology keeps advancing, and that only means future gambling games will be visually better and more entertaining. From VR to AR, mobile gaming to blockchain—the trends highlighted above will continue to revolutionize the gambling sector.

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