Best Smart Home Gifts for Tech Nerds

Gifts have to be special and compared to the past, it is now easier to select a gift for your loved ones. The reason is that tech gadgets and devices have flooded the store shelves and you have plenty of options to choose from.

Smart home devices are taking over the traditional devices due to affordability, ease, time-saving, and convenience. Presenting smart home devices to your loved ones such as your parents, siblings, or your friends can add joy to their lives and bring the smile back on special occasions.

If you have any tech nerd at home stalking every new smart technology to buy in the future, you have got an idea of what to gift. But before gifting a smart device, it is recommended to check your internet connection so it does not stop working after the smart device connects to the network. Whether you are planning to switch your provider or getting a new one, Spectrum promotions are surely going to meet your browsing, streaming, and gaming needs.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best smart home gifts for tech nerds. These smart gifts will surely pop the eyes out. So get ready to surprise your loved ones with these gifts.

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Smart Home Camera

Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones on Christmas, New Year or Birthday. The camera features a 2.8mm focal length and offers 1080p full HD video. Place it outside your home and zoom up to 8 times without pixelating it. Night vision allows you to see up to the range of 30 feet. See every detail with clarity and keep the burglars and thieves away from your home. You can place it anywhere in the house, whether inside or outside.

The smart home camera works with Alexa, which means you can command the camera to show the live footage. The Wyze Cam can also record 15 seconds of alert video after detecting any sound or motion. Moreover, it also stores the footage on Amazon AWS Cloud which can be viewed for up to 14 days without subscribing to any plan.

TOKQI Wireless Speakers

Technology has stolen the real beauty of nature. But that’s not true when it comes to TOKQI Wireless Speakers because it offers a combination of both nature and technology. You can grow your plant, turn on the device, and feel the natural sound right in your bedroom.

You can turn it to a Bluetooth speaker by connecting your smartphone or tablet and listen to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want. The TOKQI Wireless Speakers can also work as a night lamp. Simply push the light button for two seconds and it will enter touch control night mode. The wireless speakers come with a powerful rechargeable battery of 1200mah, allowing you to play music for four hours without taking a break.

Shark Robot Vacuum

Cleaning a home is a tiring job. If it is your mother’s birthday, why don’t you surprise her with something techy and smart? You can make your mother’s life easier. And you can even gift it to your wife if you want to spend more time with her instead of cranking up with her.

Shark Robot Vacuum is an automatic smart maid for your home that can move around seamlessly by navigating carpets and floors. You can set the schedule for each day and set your preferred time. The sleek and stylish design makes Shark Robot Vacuum adjustable to any space. The powerful Li-ion battery provides one hour of cleaning and returns to its dock to get ready for the next big day.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee Smart thermostat is a smart way to save on heating and cooling bills. The smart thermostat gives you complete peace of mind and helps you stay comfortable within your premises. Just place it in any room and forget the rest. Ecobee will handle everything from maintaining temperature to saving energy.

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat works perfectly with all smart home systems including Alexa and Google Assistant. The smart thermostat is capable to learn from your preferences and adapt accordingly. If you are tired of paying hefty energy bills, now is the time to save more and pay less.

Ring Video Doorbell

It is not easy for anyone to open the door and answer the bell all the time. The easy way is to bring a smart Ring Video Doorbell to the home and get to know who is out there right from your smartphone. You will get a notification on your PC, tablet, or smartphone whenever someone comes to your door. You can speak and hear without getting up from your seat.

Notifications are directly sent to your device when anybody presses the doorbell. The motion sensors detect it and inform you instantly. The ring video doorbell comes with all the tools to set up and install without needing any technical assistance.

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max is another gift that can surprise your loved ones. It is the latest and enhanced version of Google Home Hub. One of the added features of Google Nest Hub Max is the inclusion of a front-facing camera. You can have a conversation with your loved ones residing far away without losing the clarity of the picture.

The enhanced version is great, but there is room for improvement as well. For instance, the display is not as great as it should have been. Of course, we can’t expect anything least or poor quality from tech giant Google.

Google Nest Hub Max can allow you to control all your smart home devices such as thermostats, smart television, and any other compatible device. Plus you can ask Google to play your favorite series on Netflix simply through your voice command. Due to its compact and sleek design, you can place it anywhere while you are busy doing household chores such as play music, watch YouTube videos, talk to your friend, or listen to an audiobook.