Best YouTube Embed Code Generator

Sometimes, words cannot explain the essence of the topic. That is why “visual means” are often used to reveal the subject online. In this case, the well-known video hosting with free videos comes to the rescue.

Adding YouTube videos to your website is an effective solution because it will help enrich your content and provide more information to your visitors. Using a dedicated YouTube embed code generator, you can add YouTube videos to various sections of your site, making it much easier to learn more about your company and activities. Such a measure will allow reviving the website and attracting more visitors to it.

Benefits of embedding YouTube videos on your website:

  • Receiving additional income from showing the video (if it belongs to the owner of the online resource)

  • Increase in the popularity of the web resource

  • Replenishment of media content

  • Demonstration of a portfolio

Code Generator Basics: How to Embed YouTube Videos on Your Site

Knowing how to embed a YouTube video into an HTML page will save you much time and effort. Using the CodeGenerator service, you can embed a YouTube widget to your site without any problems.


The procedure goes quickly and without global efforts or knowledge of web programming:

  1. Go to on your computer and open the video or playlist you want to embed.

  2. Copy the HTML link.

  3. Paste the YouTube video URL into the CodeGenerator interface and get the generated YouTube embed code snippet. If necessary, you can select additional settings (autoplay, video quality, subtitles, and more).

  4. The next step is simple: just paste this HTML code into your website.

After saving, a video with the settings that you made earlier will appear on your page.

YouTube is a great platform providing the ability to post videos on other sites. Using CodeGenerator’s intuitive services, you can seamlessly embed YouTube videos to your web resources or blogs.