Betting in Shops v Online Betting: The Transformation

The world of betting has seen a massive change over the last 20 years or so as online bookmakers like ufabet stole the show being much more dominant over the old-fashioned local-shop betting. There are multiple facts which affected the change and transformation and this particular piece will try and go through to some of the most important ones. Even famous wrote about this transformation in multiple occasions.

Odds Variety

Online betting offers a major advantage when it comes to the odds variety since online bookmakers will be much quicker in changing the odds depending on the latest news even minutes before the event kick off. They even go as far as changing the entire market which can best be presented through the anytime goalscorer picks in football matches.

You can still have the unpleasant feeling of backing a player which will not even start the match as an anytime goalscorer in local betting shops which is clearly much less likely to happen with online bookies who will be quick in pricing him at much higher odds or even removing him from the market.

Placing Bets from the Comfort of Your Home

Another massive advantage online betting brings is the possibility of placing your bets from the comfort of your home using your laptops, computers, tablets or mobile phones. This saves precious time as it helps punters to avoid “the traffic” in local betting shops.

However, it is interesting to mention that The Guardian were claiming that concentration of betting shops on high streets was high.

Recent Studies

There are obviously still those who prefer the old-fashioned style fancying hang-out in betting shops with fellow tipsters, but most of surveys show that a massive number of bettors rather use all the benefits of online betting.

As the matter of fact, a study done recently be a betting site proved that 86% (on the sample of 1000 interrogated punters in the UK) made the move from local betting shops to online bookmakers which just confirms everything written above.

To sum it all up, we can honestly expect the percentage number to be even higher in the months and years to come since the online world brings in novelties on daily basis.

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