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It is hard to find a person who has no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile. People went crazy about sharing their thoughts, photos, and daily events. Most of the companies had to ban access to social networks within their offices.

Most of them use alternative methods of sharing information within their enterprises. They have to use several file hosting services at a time, keeping different document types separately, adjusting them to corporate emails via Google disc and so on.

Such chains can be too long and bulky. This is why companies start looking for alternatives. Everyone wants to get the best free CRM software to ease their work and make cooperation faster.

The latest customer relationship management software that was well regarded and showed off amazing result was Bitrix24. It is a kind of social network for business purpose only. The system has a handy interface and multiple functions that make it perfect for any company.



The bitrix24 profile is quite similar to those we have on Facebook. It includes a photo, name with last name, post, and date of birth. Some firms prefer a few more lines on person’s department and some other features according to their job roles.


Keep everyone updated on the project progress, share latest changes, start discussions. The good thing about it is that every worker can participate in these activities staying aware of what is going on.

Bitrix24 is fully personalized. Each user can set filters to his taste for receiving only those updates he is interested in.

Feel free to invite people to events you can create on your board or attach any files to your posts. The good thing about this app is that only people within the system have access to all the files.



Just like any other interactive activity system, Bitrix24 has the simple function of expressing coworkers’ opinion on photos, files or any posts in the timeline.

They press like button just as they do it on any other social network. But only here those likes mean their interest in projects.


Bitrix24 has a messenger that helps employees communicate to each other without any additional software.

The algorithm is pretty simple and remains popular messengers, like Skype, Viber or  Facebook. Users can start conversations with one colleague or start group chats.


This system has motivation board – badges. They are available for managers and department chiefs. Such users can grant the others with virtual awards. Badges will be visible to all company members, departments or individuals, depending on settings they choose.

These marks show off employees contribution in company’s development or project progression. Any positive activity can be granted.

Badges pop up in the timeline and keep visible in receivers’ profiles.


If for some reason any of workers stays away from the Bitrix24 system – you can easily get in touch via emails. This app supports complete collaboration with popular email services.

As we can see – Bitrix24 is a unique system that helps companies reorganize their basic data features to make any document available within a split second.

It tightens connections between coworkers making them feel more like a team or one big family.

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