Bitspower Releases Custom Reservoir/Pump for Lian Li PC-O11

Lian Li’s PC-011 Dynamic has been one one of the most successful cases for the company in some time. With its popularity Lian Li has teamed up with Bitspower to create a custom reservoir / pump for the case, which easily slots in.

bitspower pc 011 1

This awesome product is being called the Sedna 011D and is a retail product, but it really looks like a one-off mod from a talented PC modder. The acrylic reservoir is outfitted with a Laing DCC pump at the bottom and a built-in pressure relief valve at the top to aid in air bleeding.

bitspower pc 011 2 bitspower pc 011 3

There is no word yet on pricing. This is the first time we’ve seen a custom reservoir being made for a commercially available case like the PC-011. Hopefully this is a start of a trend.

bitspower pc 011 4

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