Blacksmithing leveling in the Dragonflight update in World of Warcraft

Since the release of a major Dragonflight update, the world of Azeroth has changed. A large island archipelago with dragon lands in each territory has been added, and the profession system and the ability to order craft from artisans have been significantly reworked.

The maximum level has become 70 and to get it you need to go to the islands and complete a series of story tasks on each island completed and inhabited by a certain type of dragon – fire, ice, wind and earth.

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Blacksmithing – Basics

By choosing blacksmithing, you will be able to craft special armor and weapons for classes that use steel in their ammunition. This is a paladin, a knight of death and wars.

The blacksmith can also craft whetstones that sharpen weapons and increase attack potential for a limited period of time.

Despite the fact that World of Warcraft does not require you to start playing for a certain race and class in order to gain an advantage in professions, leveling and pvp, and this difference can be leveled in the game, there are still two races that have an advantage in the blacksmith profession.

  • Lightforged Drenai have a base blacksmithing score of level 5 and can use an anvil anywhere in the WoW world.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves – similarly, profession level 5 and work time acceleration by 10%.

Both races belong to the horde and provide some advantages for crafting, but again – they are not mandatory for selection.

Blacksmithing Changes in Dragonflight

Since the Dragonflight update, blacksmithing has changed a lot – the developers have changed the interface and made it more understandable for beginners and more convenient for experienced artisans.

We also added a special NPC where players can leave manufacturing orders, which will be transferred to artisans.

The player puts the recipe and applies the resources, and also indicates the amount for the work. Craftsmen keep track of proposals and if the conditions suit them, they take up work.

This is a great way to level up your blacksmithing skills just by making other people’s orders and earning money from it, but the competition is high, and you need to take into account that complex recipes will require high blacksmithing skills.

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Starting with the Dragonflight update, each artisan will have the concept of specialization – a narrow focus that allows you to deepen your knowledge and skills and make truly unique and high-quality equipment.

It is always worth choosing the specialization that is closer to you, over time you will be able to pump all three, but this will take a very long time, since Dragon Tracts – the main source of knowledge besides quests – will be available once a week. Of course, you should not panic, and all pumping is a matter of time, and later you will be able to become a full-fledged artisan in all specializations of your profession.

Main specializations:

  • Armor Master – making armor and protective equipment from steel and other metals.
  • Weapons Master – making swords, maces and other weapons from steel and other metals.
  • Forging non-combat items – the creation of various mining tools.

Each of the specializations will allow you to create items with enhanced characteristics, and will make it possible to reforge weapons and armor to other parameters.

Equipment that improves crafting

Starting with Dragonflight, World of Warcraft will receive equipment that improves the characteristics of the crafter and, accordingly, improves the quality of the items that will be created.

To improve, you can have a piece of clothing, a set of tools and a weapon, in your case a hammer.

There is no need to put on equipment – the system will automatically put on the equipment available to you to improve the crafting of the character during production and remove it when the work is completed.

Orders at Dragonflight

In the capital of the dragon islands, there is a special clerk – this is an NPC from which you can place an order for the manufacture of an item.

The order can be public – it will be visible to all artisans and then the client provides the recipe and all the materials necessary for manufacturing, and also puts the amount, in his opinion, fair for this work. If the artisan is satisfied with the condition, then he takes the job.

Private order – you offer a specific player to make an item for you. In this case, it is not necessary to attach resources. Through a private order, you can upgrade the profession of your twinks, or look for a master who will make an item of exceptional quality.

The blacksmith needs to go to the desktop to see the current orders. If the client puts a limit on the quality of the item and does not allow things of poor quality, then an artisan with a low profession level simply will not see the order.