Blizzard Pays Bounty For Original “Gold Master” StarCraft Source CD

It is never fun to be contacted by a legal department of a large company and told something you bought online is not actually yours. Well that turned out to be the case for Reddit user Khemist49, who had in his possession of a CD-ROM which was the “Gold Master” source CD for the original StarCraft. The “Gold Master” would have the original source code for the game.

starcraft gold master

So where did Khemist49 acquire this original CD-ROM? Apparently in a box of “old Blizzard-related stuff” he bought on Ebay in April. After purchasing he went to Reddit asking what he should do with said disc.

He eventually turned the game back in to Blizzard. Of course we have to assume that Blizzard legal was involved in influencing his decision. Upon the return of the disc Blizzard when ahead and proceeded to give him a $250 gift card for the Blizzard store, a Razer keyboard, and a lot of other goodies. They even offered to pay for him to come to BlizzCon this year.

blizzard gifts

I nice response from Blizzard I would say.

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