Buffalo Announces Mini Station Turbo PC EX2 Portable Hard Drive

With increasing needs of the element of portability, different names have been taking on their share in the introduction of the portable storage devices in this market and Buffalo wasn’t the one to stay behind. It made an announcement this week about its newest addition to its already existing portfolio of storage devices which is purely targeted towards fulfilling the growing demands of portable storage devices. The Mini Station Turbo PC EX2 portable hard drive, as a recent addition by Buffalo, provides a huge storage space housed inside a simple yet elegant casing, the thickness of which will be determined by the storage size.


The dimensions of the Mini Station Turbo PC EX2 portable hard drive are 115 by 76 mm and the thickness in varying capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB has been listed below:

• 11.5 mm for 500 GB
• 14 mm for 1 TB
• 19.5 mm for 2 TB

The Mini Station Turbo PC EX2 HDD, with 3.0 connectivity, comes in black and white cases. The lowest power consumption is possible is possible with the HDD as it comes along with a special power saving mode because of which the power consumption during standby mode will be as low as 0.95W which is almost close to nothing. Another mode on this HDD allows for the compression of data; the more compressed the data is, the lesser the space it will require for storage.


The Mini Station Turbo PC EX2 HDD won’t be available in the markets till next month. Along with the prices listed below, it will be available with a one year warranty.

• 9,975 yen or 100 USD for the 500 GB drive
• 13,860 yen or 139 USD for the 1 TB drive
• 27,720 yen or 279 USD for the 2 TB model

Source: Buffalo | News Archive