Cannabis and Technology: What the future holds

Technology is an important part of any industry, and the cannabis sector is no exception. You will find apps that help those who consume medical marijuana find dispensaries close by and even companies that allow users to order weed on their desktops. Technology is changing the way people consume and distribute marijuana in many ways. There are more than 11 states that are legalizing recreational marijuana, which makes it hard not to imagine what the future holds for this growing industry, especially considering how much influence technology has. Here are a few marijuana technology predictions about the future.

Marijuana brands that develop new products

The marijuana industry is still developing and there are many products available, and still being developed, that contain marijuana. CBD is one thing that is on the rise in society as more and more people become interested in medical marijuana, and are now consuming CBD in many different forms including edibles, sprays, lotions, beverages, lubes, and tinctures. Devices such as vaporizers of all shapes and sizes are also widely accepted and sold online. Websites like offer a great range of quality products that are among the best in the industry. In the future, we can expect many more products to be developed as this industry continues to expand with time. As the demand for marijuana and marijuana products grows, companies will start producing more. This is good because these products will be even more easily accessible so people can enjoy marijuana in more ways than one. The traditional method of consuming marijuana is outdated and unhealthy as new products offer much healthier methods of consumption.

Marijuana products will be personalized

In the future, we will likely start seeing technology that personalizes marijuana products with THC levels that match an individual’s personal preference. Everybody has their personal biochemistry that allows their body to process cannabinoids differently, so the future of cannabis consumption involves the designing of strains that suit your body’s unique physiology. Companies are already exploring this type of personalization with strains and consumption methods. For example, you could get your own personalized portable vaporizer experience by creating an online profile detailing your response to cannabinoids, and your compatibility with different strains. This technology is the future and marijuana retailers will likely start using this testing method to create personalized marijuana products for their customers to provide a bespoke experience.

Marijuana retail will be app-based

Thanks to technology there are now apps available that allow users to purchase marijuana. You will find apps that deliver marijuana to their customers as well as apps that inform customers where the nearest dispensaries are while at the same time providing the customer with information about the various strains available that also comes with reviews. There is an app in Australia called “concierge” and consists of healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and patients. The health professionals and pharmacists answer questions to simplify the prescription process. This form of technology informs the customer and offers them convenience at their fingertips.

The media will get loud on marijuana

It is becoming more and more evident how efficient marijuana is and we are becoming more aware of the medical benefits that marijuana possesses because of studies that are being done. Marijuana is being used to manage a bunch of ailments, and this is just the beginning. Soon we will reach a point where the media will focus heavily on marijuana because marijuana is becoming very popular and socially accepted and companies will want to use the media to advertise their marijuana products. Marijuana use will soon be normalized, and reading about marijuana in the media will be as normal as checking the weather. The media is very powerful and can influence the masses. Companies understand this and are going to use the media to their advantage in the future.

The world is dominated by technology and any industry that does not evolve and adapt will lose out on business. The marijuana industry has grown significantly from being an underground sector with a stigma attached to becoming a powerful industry worth billions today. The future of technology and marijuana looks promising. Marijuana products will be personalized, marijuana retail will be app-based, brands will develop new products and the media will focus on marijuana as companies will look to advertise their products.