Case Mod Friday: Adrenal Express

Project Name: Adrenal Express

Case Mod Friday: Adrenal Express

About this mod / project:
After a few moments of silent staring and admiration, I took a deep breath as I began to contemplate my seemingly impossible task of deciding what to do for a theme. The choices are virtually unlimited! How can I settle on one single idea? Should I go with a video game theme, or movie? What could I do that hasn’t already been done a hundred times over? Then the answer just appeared before me as I watched the delivery truck start up outside and drive off. This whole thing that I had just experienced, the anticipation, the excitement, the excelerated heartbeat… it was like getting a shot of adrenaline. Before the X9 arrived, I was bored, tired and lethargic. And once it got here, I felt awake, motivated, inspired.. I felt alive! So this theme will exemplify that feeling of heightened alertness. The Core X9 will become the vessel that transports this highly exuberant chemical to its new owners, curing them of the common doldrums. Of course, there is only one company internationally certified to carry such a fragile, and extremely rare commodity…And that company is: Adrenal Express.


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Case: Thermaltake Core X9
CPU: Intel i7 5820K
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth X99
RAM: Avexir DDR4 16Gb Memory Kits X2
PSU: Thermaltake ToughPower 1200w
GPU: ASUS Strix GTX 970 video cards X2
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 240Gb SSDs X3

– Thermaltake STRIX 970 waterblocks X2
– Thermaltake Pacific RL360 Rads X3
– Thermaltake Pacific PT40-D5 200mm Res/Pump combos X2
– Thermaltake Soft tubing
– Thermaltake Rigid tubing
– Thermaltake fittings
– Thermaltake 120mm Riing Fans Green X9
– Thermaltake 200mm Luna Fan white
– Thermaltake Commander FT Fan Controller
– Thermaltake Commander FX 10 port Fan Hub

– heavy duty shock absorbers added into design
– Custom internal chamber
– Custom power supply mount
– anti-vibration spring rails installed on bottom of case
– Custom HDMI, ethernet, and power connectivity extensions added to front of case
– Custom made PSU fan grill
– Custom painting
– Custom side panel
– industrial bulk wire plugs made for power extensions
– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom dual syringe added to front

Build Log: Tt Community | Voting Page

Builder: Boddaker

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