Case Mod Friday: Final Fantasy XIV

Project Name: Final Fantasy XIV

Builder: NGEN-PCs

About This Mod / Build: This week for Case Mod Friday we have a Final Fantasy XIV themed build from NGEN-PCs. This was his first doing a scratch-built case and we think it turned out great!



CPU AMD – Ryzen 7 (5800X)
Motherboard ATX ASUS – ROG Strix Gaming (B550-XE) (WiFi)
Ram G.Skill – Trident Z Neo (3600MHz) (White/Black/RGB) 32 GB
Gpu Gigabyte – GeForce Aorus Master NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti
Storage Sabrent M.2 – Rocket (Nvme PCIe 4.0) 2 TB
PSU ASUS – ROG Thor 1200 Watt 80+ Platinum
Case Fan EKWB – EK-Vardar X3M 120ER (Black) (4×120 mm)
Cooling Custom Loop EKWB – CoolStream XE (2x) Size (WxHxD): 240 mm (2 x 120 mm)
Cooling EKWB – EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 120 D5 PWM D-RGB – Plexi Pump/Reservoir Combo
Cooling EKWB – EK-Quantum Velocity – AMD Nickel + Plexi CPU Waterblock
Cooling EKWB – Quantum Vector Xtreme RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB Nickel + Plexi

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