Case Mod Friday: Gold Wings

Project Name: Gold Wings


About this mod / project:
I named this one Gold Wings, the theme of this one is ancient Egypt. The color theme will be white and gold, I know, white, but this one will be special, with a special paint job from the paint magician Hanoverfist. I will not make hieroglyphs everywhere. I very excited to do this build, specially because working on a limited edition case.


900x900px-LL-1b70b5d9_16727457873_84ff410ce5_b 900x900px-LL-1c3eb466_17347692655_be4b8fb532_b 900x900px-LL-870f914f_17321725116_360f653af1_b 900x900px-LL-5808d05f_17347691575_44f0b8f476_b 900x900px-LL-529950dc_16725213564_13ab709748_b 900x900px-LL-0656577d_17347694855_448c82ce8d_b 900x900px-LL-a3b79f36_17347691925_da2c0edbf3_b 900x900px-LL-c00a3210_17347318651_00dfe3d466_b 900x900px-LL-c02ba460_17161477699_e9d4b6bce9_b 900x900px-LL-c74d1704_17159901878_db3b5281d4_b 900x900px-LL-cb0ceef5_17160132880_3121518d07_b 900x900px-LL-ccfc3979_17159902438_2086a8540e_b 900x900px-LL-cef3cc64_17321723116_50dfb96d51_b 900x900px-LL-d0c50dab_17140265437_5e88862823_b 900x900px-LL-d1f2c5f5_16725215264_5aed4d2f1d_b 900x900px-LL-d4afff11_17161474499_5ca144fa3f_b 900x900px-LL-d045e057_16725212774_318324937f_b 900x900px-LL-d55140a9_17159900338_c2fd9db2a4_b cda68c06_17347693535_83a5e2d43e_b

– CPU: Intel i5-4690k:
– MB: Asus Maximus VII Impact
– Ram: 8Gb (2 x 4)Dominator GT:
– GPU: Asus GTX 970 Strix
– Case: EK Vulture
– Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2
– SSD: 1 x Plextor 256GB M.2 M6e

– Cpu: EK-FB ASUS M6I – Nickel (gold Plated)
– GPU: EK-FC970 GTX Strix – Nickel (gold Plated)
– Backplate: EK-FC970 GTX Strix Backplate – white
– EK-FC Terminal – Plexi
– Ram: EK-RAM Monarch X2 – Nickel (gold Plated)
– TOP Plexi – RAM Monarch X2 Clean CSQ
– Pump: EK-D5 PWM Motor
– pump top: EK-XTOP D5 – White Acetal
– EK-D5 Cover Kit – white
– radiator: EK-CoolStream PE 360
– fan: EK-Vardar F3-120 (1850rpm)
– EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 – Gold
– EK-Ekoolant Pastel WHITE
– Mayhems Aurora Booster Gold
– res: EK X3 250 with White cap

Custom Mods
– Gold Plating: gold plating on all block and fittings
– Case will have a very special paint job by Hanoverfist
– Custom paint job on the fans, radiator, I/O shield,
– Sleeving: custom white and gold sleeving
– Lightning: Darkside led, led strips, and led in block
– lots of gold screw and bolts from pro bolts USA
– Custom vinyl stickers on SSDs, GPU block, radiator, and reservoir
– Custom sleeved and painted power cable
– Custom watercooling loop

Build Log:

Builder: Snef Computer Design

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