Case Mod Friday: Golden Matrix

Project Name: Golden Matrix

Case Mod Friday: Golden Matrix

About this mod / project:
Early time bored into a Case Labs TH10a chassis, nothing else to slowly shift. Actually shift the six months, the period would not make too many trivia machines. The opportunity to run into the machine Chiphell King Competition, quickly stepped up progress when posting basically completed 90% of the work. Most of the photos are of the phone. Quality is more general. This focus on the spirit of participation as possible to come out a little better picture issued to, please bear with me. This machine is mainly black gold as the main colors. At around two positions, because the system is more complex, not repeat them.


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CPU: Intel i7-5960X
Motherboard: ASUS X99 E-WS
Graphics: EVGA GTX Titan X Hydro Copper * 4 SLi bridge: EVGA Pro SLi Bridge V2 4-Way
Memory: AVEXIR Platinum Series DDR4 2400 4GB * 8
HDD: Samsung Samsung SM951 NVMe 850PRO 1TB + 256GB + WD2000FYYZ 2T
Power: EVGA 1600 T2 * 2
Chassis: Case Labs TH10a
Monitor: Dell UP2414Q

Cooled exhaust: Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity System 480 * 3
Pumps: Koolance PMP-400 * 4 + Aquacomputer D5
Tank: Aqualis 880 + Aquatube * 4
Cold head: EK CPU and memory cold head (EK card comes with a cold head)
Connector: Primochill and Bitpower joint
Fan: Noiseblocker M12-PS * 26
Controller: Aquaero 6 governor * 2 + F arbwerk lamp with controller

– Custom made/bent tubing
– Custom LED-lit bottom of case
– Custom LED-lit back of case
– Custom watercooling loop

Build Log: Chiphell

Builder: 212121

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