Case Mod Friday: Loramentum

Project Name: Loramentum

Case Mod Friday: Loramentum

About this mod / project:
Loramentum (Latin for frame, strap or… thong) is a watercooled wall mounted rig, but with a twist. I wanted to be able to take this build to LAN events relatively simply. The main framework is constructed from machined acrylic, with the reservoir and a fair bit of the tubing integrated into the chassis itself. The RAM and waterblock were gold plated to fit with the theme, along with full custom cabling, the motherboard is the only unmodded component! The whole build fits neatly into a flight case for easier transport too, bit heavy though…


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CPU: i7 4770k
Mobo: Asus Z87 Pro-I
RAM: 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866MHz
GPU: Asus R9 290
PSU: Corsair RM650
SSD: Samsung Evo

– EK ASUS R9 290 Full cover waterblock
– EK Radiator
– Custom reservoir built into chassis
– EK CPU waterblock
– EK D5 pump

Custom Mods:
– Custom wall-mounted chassis
– Tubing built into the chassis itself
– Custom sleeving on the PSU
– Custom paint on the memory, PSU fan, SSD and more
– RAM and GPU waterblock gold-plated
– Made to fit into a carrying case for LAN parties

Build Log:

Builder: MakiRole

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