Case Mod Friday: Parvum MATE

Project Name: Parvum MATE

Case Mod Friday: Parvum MATE

About this mod / project:
Hi everyone. Time for another project. This is my second filler project before the next BIG thing. Now this is the first time I’ve EVER documented me working on a non-parvum case. That of course makes sense because.. why promote the competition. With that said I had just been itching for the last year to work on another case. As an avid and passionate modder it really sucks seeing another case you like and not being able to build in one.

I decided to change my ways when the offer came up from Asrock to work on the M8. Now I know some people poo poo the motherboards but I’ve had nothing but great experience with the few I’ve used in the past. This case was a no brainier for me. Asrock teaming up with BMW Group AND very very SFF. I’d actually just seen modder Kier given the chance to mod the very case so this was even more reason to mod it. It’ll be great for me to see two very different builds. Already Kier has increased the size of the case but I will be working within the constraints. The very tight constraints at that.


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Case: Asrock M8
CPU: Intel i5 4670k
Motherboard: Z97-M8
Memory: Kingston Hyper X
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980
SSD: Kingston Hyper X 3K

– Custom mounting for SSD
– Motherboard tray completely removed
– Custom motherboard / PSU tray made
– Custom mono block made with integrated DDC pump top, GPU block and reservoir
– Custom PSU sleeving
– Custom water cooling loop

Build Log:

Builder: imersa

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