Case Mod Friday: Parvum Warfare

Project Name: Parvum Warfare


About this mod / project:
Here we go yet again! Here’s my first of two builds this fall, another team up with Parvum Systems, this time for a highly customized Advanced Warfare themed mITX build. Originally I was set for a totally different theme but then last week at Gamescom Microsoft showed off their limited Advanced Warfare controller and console. I then switched themes and have decided to tread familiar ground in doing a build inspired by another Xbox One controller. I just couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty inspired by the controllers color pallet, it’s very unique and I think this build will turn out completely amazing with the plans I have.


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– Case – Parvum Systems custom mITX
– CPU – Intel 4790k
– Motherboard – EVGA Z97 Stinger
– Memory – GSkill 16Gb 1866
– GPU – Nvidia Titan Black
– SSD – Samsung EVO 500Gb
– PSU – Corsair RM650

– CPU Block – Swiftech Apogee XL
– GPU Block – Swiftech Komodo NV LE
– Radiators – Darkside 120mm and 240mm
– Ram Block – Bitspower
– Pump – Swiftech MCP 35X
– Pump Housing – Bitspower
– Reservoir/Pump Top Combo – Bitspower
– Fittings – Bitspower True Brass
– Tubing – E22 12mm OD acrylic tube
– Fans – Enermax Twister Pressure
– Coolant – Aurora 2 with a small amount of X1 Oil Black concentrate

Custom Mods
– Custom made case from Parvum
– Ensourced custom cables
– Darkside lighting
– Custom CPU block top and custom GPU piece
– Custom vinyl on memory
– Custom vinyl on PSU
– Custom vinyl on SSD
– Custom vinyl on case
– Custom loop holes installed in case
– Custom watercooling loop
– Rigid tubing

Build Log:

Builder: James Walter

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