Case Mod Friday: Project CrystaliZed 570X

Project Name: Project CrystaliZed 570X

Builder: Daniel “Twister” Bolognesi

About This Mod / Build: 2017 is really starting out to be a great year for Case Mods! Today we are featuring Daniel “Twister” Bolognesi’s “Project CrystaliZed 570X” build! It has to be one of the sleekest build’s we’ve seen in a very long time! Be sure to check it out!


Corsair-570x-crystalized_19 Corsair-570x-crystalized_18 Corsair-570x-crystalized_17 Corsair-570x-crystalized_16 Corsair-570x-crystalized_15 Corsair-570x-crystalized_14 Corsair-570x-crystalized_13 Corsair-570x-crystalized_12 Corsair-570x-crystalized_11 Corsair-570x-crystalized_10 Corsair-570x-crystalized_9 Corsair-570x-crystalized_8 Corsair-570x-crystalized_7 Corsair-570x-crystalized_6 Corsair-570x-crystalized_5 Corsair-570x-crystalized_4 Corsair-570x-crystalized_3 Corsair-570x-crystalized_2 Corsair-570x-crystalized

Case: Corsair Crystal 570x
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
MB: Asus Maximus Gene VIII
GPU: Asus 1070 gtx Strix
Fan: 6 X Corsair HD120 RGB LED
Ram: 16gb (4 x 4) Corsair Vengance Led White
PSU: Corsair HX 1000

– Entire case made transparent
– Custom silver paint job on many components
– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom hard tubing
– Custom sleeving
– Custom feet added to the case
– Custom reservoir and channels added to case

Build Log: Bit-tech forums

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