Case Mod Friday: Project Imagination

Project Name: Project Imagination


About this mod / project:
I’m finally back again with a new case mod project! Now is the time for new project on the CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper Case. Project Imagination is going to be the line up of some of my mods. Another version of this mod is my scratch build that is ongoing right now, I call it Project Imagination SV. The Scratch Version.


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– ASUS Maximus VI Formula
– Intel Core i7-4770K
– 2x EVGA GTX 780 SC
– Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB
– Cooler Master Storm Trooper
– Cooler Master V850 PSU
– Samsung 830 256GB SSD

– Cooler Master Stackflow fans
– Aqua Computer Airplex 360 radiator
– Aqua Computer CPU block
– Aqua Computer Kryographics for GTX 780

– 360mm front radiator mount
– custom double layer 90 degree motherboard mount
– custom SSD, GPU and CPU plates
– custom sleeved cables
– custom PSU shroud with built in floor channel and 5.25-inch bay mount
– custom back panel with 120mm fans and a built in reservoir
– custom back panel cover
– clear hard tubing
– removable shroud cover for easy cable access
– cableless right side

Build Log:

Builder: adamski07

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