Case Mod Friday: RX-78 A Gundam P3 Gaming PC

Project Name: RX-78 A Gundam P3 Gaming PC

Builder: Declassified Systems

About This Mod / Build: This week for Case Mod Friday we have a great build from Declassified Systems done inside the Thermaltake Core P3 Snow case! What do you think of the frosted tubes and bends on this one?



i9 11900k
Asus Z590 Gundam Edition
Asus TUF Gaming RTX 4070 Ti
Asus Rog Strix 850w Gundam
64 GB Tforce Nighthawk
1 TB Tforce Carder M.2 NVME
1 TB Tforce Vulcan Z
Thermaltake Core P3 Snow
Thermaltake Swafan EX 12 Magnetic RGB Fans
Thermaltake Pacific CL360 Thick Copper Radiator
Thermaltake Pacific W8 Cpu Waterblock
Thermaltake P1000 Clear
Thermaltake D5 Plus Combo

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