Case Mod Friday: Strix Soar Sky

Project Name: Strix Soar Sky


About this mod / project:
This week’s Case Mod Friday feature comes from ‘Autobot Chao’ from Thailand. He is a fan of Hasbro’s Transformers series, and was inspired to bring the Strix owl to life just like a Transformer. Components from ASUS and CoolerMaster were used to make the project possible.


58-Done-1 60-Done-2 64-Done-close 67-Done-close 70-Done-rear 71-Done-rear 73-Done-Light 76-Done-Light 1229813_10152638634240817_5552217045222126737_n 1622850_10152638629850817_1246077474835854761_n 1798877_10152638635010817_1531700504335943744_n 1959548_10152638633915817_4823168746768976431_n 10313505_10152638634910817_4643909511917518960_n 10354146_10152638633975817_1448897896410522472_n 10426875_10152638635145817_7582569276326434882_n 10687177_10152638635110817_59677853404109414_n

– Intel Core i7-4770K
– ASUS Strix GTX 980 graphics card
– ROG Maximus VII Hero motherboard
– Cooler Master V1200 Platinum PSU
– Cooler Master V8 GTS heatsink
– Cooler Master JetFlo 120 fans

– Complete custom scratch build
– Wings that actually go in and out

Build Log:

Builder: Autobot Chao

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