Case Mod Friday: The Command Center

Project Name: The Command Center


About this mod / project:
This week for Case Mod Friday we have a full setup rather than just a case mod. Typically we don’t feature setups, but this one was too awesome to not share. It is “The Command Center” by Pilot_H and it has to be one of the most insane setups we’ve seen! He has an X99 system decked out with a Core i7-5960X, four GTX 980 Ti’s, 32GB of DDR4, and 2 GB of SSD storage. This is all inside an In Win S-Frame case and everything is water cooled! On top of that he has a 4-display setup which is made up of three Acer Predator X43’s and a single ASUS PG27Q. He has a second PC that is inside an aquarium and has some pretty high-end audio equipment! This is anyone’s dream setup!


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Intel Core i7-5960X
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3000
2x Samsung 850 Pro Series 1TB 2.5″
5x Western Digital WD2001FFSX 2 TB
4x EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB K|NGP|N ACX 2.0+
Super Flower Leadex 2000W 80+
3x Acer Predator X34 100Hz 34.0″
Asus PG279Q ROG Swift 165Hz 27.0″

Aquaero 6 XT
10x Phobya UV LED
2x Monsoon hardline UV Blue
4x Mayhems Aurora 2 Concentrate
Mayhems Clear Blue UV Dye
Mayhems Blue Dye
18x Corsair Air Series SP 140 LED
3x Aquacomputer D5 Pump + Aquabus
EK-FB ASUS R5E Monoblock – Nickel
4x EK-FC 980 Ti Classy KPE – Nickel
2x EK-RES X3 250
EK WB Watercooling fittings and fan cables
2x MO-RA 3 9×140 PRO

Audio Equipment:
Sennheiser HD800
Woo Audio 22 Tube Amp
Woo Audio WDS- 1 DAC
Woo Audio Headphone Stand
Cambridge Azur 851A
Moon Audio Blue Dragon 6m XLR Balanced cable

– Custom water cooling loop
– Hard tubing
– Water cooling run to external radiator units
– Aquarium PC
– Accent lights

Build Log: Reddit

Builder: Pilot_H

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