Case Mod Friday: White Metropolis

Project Name: White Metropolis

02 - w5ET9z8

About this mod / project:
I wanted a build that was if a small form factor, allowing easier transportation when gaming with friends without sacrificing cooling power when at home and overclocking. I also wanted to create as clean of a build visually as I could which is where the idea for this came from. I developed a quick disconnect system from S5 to pedestal allowing me to separate the two. The name “White Metropolis” started out because I was trying to brainstorm a name that wasn’t too cliche with a white build and went with that with no intention of including the name into the theme. That all changed when I got inspired by city silhouettes. In this build you will find the silhouettes of major cities all across the world such as Hong Kong – China, Bangkok – Thailand and Jakarta – Indonesia because of how they looked. I’ve hopefully succeeded in tying all these things together in a visually appealing, high detail design. Having windows all around led for designing ideas the complement the computer no matter which side you look at it so no matter where you view it from you get a different and equally pleasing view.


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Case – CaseLabs Mercury S5 w/Pedestal (White, XL left Window, Large Top Window)
CPU – Intel i7-4790k
Motherboard – ASUS Gryphon Z87 w/Armor Kit
Memory – GSkill 16Gb 1866 (4x4GB)
GPU – EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2.0 (Upgrading to next GTX or 390x. Dont have time to wait now)
SSD – Samsung EVO 120Gb
HDD 1: 1 TB WD Black
HDD 2: 2 TB WD Green
PSU – EVGA SuperNOVA 850w G2

Watercooling Components:
CPU Block – EK Supremacy EVO (Nickel/Plexi)
GPU Block – Bitspower VG-NGTX970ESACX (Nickel/Plexi)
Radiators – XSPC ex360 and Black Ice Nemesis 240 GTS
Ram Block – EK Monarch x4
Pump – Swiftech M​CP35X
Pump Housing – EK DDC Hea​tsink
Pump Top – EK-D5 X-TO​P Pump Top​ CSQ (P​lexi)
Reservoir – Bitspower Tank Z-Multi 150 (Acrylic top/bottom)
Fittings – Bitspower Deluxe White, EK-ACF (White), Koolance QDC’s
Tubing – E22 12mm OD acrylic tube (S5), PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 3/8in. ID X 1/2in (Pedestal)
Coolant – Mayhems Blue Berry (With Ocean Blue)

Ensourced custom cables
Darkside lighting
Fans – Bitfenix Spectre 120

Custom Mods
– Paint – Many, Many Parts White with Blue accents (Armor Kit, Monarch Modules, Supremacy Bracket, Radiator, Pump Housing, EK-UNI Holder, SSD, GPU Backplate, etc)
– Custom Acrylic:
—Laser CutBackplate for GPU (2 layer, metal with acrylic behind)
—Laser Cut Midplate
—Laser Cut PSU Cover
—Mounting Plate
—MOBO tray cover
– Polished Acrylic Blocks
– Bitspower Pass-throughs
– Quick Disconnect System (Thumb Screws?)
– Pump in unique spot to be shown off
– Stealth-mount HDD’s instead of SSD
– Cables
– Possible Custom LED logo
– Possible Laser Engraving
– Cutting the case
– Custom Res mounting
– Custom pump mounting

Build Log:

Builder: GHCustomPC

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