Casino Bonuses and What It Should Mean to You

The main aim of this article is to give you an insight of what casino bonuses mean. One thing that is important to note is the fact that all bonuses usually come with a playthrough or wagering requirement before you will be able to get your winnings.

However, there are certain games that might not have the wagering requirements. Technology is definitely the best thing this world has ever had, as you can now determine the required wagers amount by using the bonus-wagering calculator. This, you can now easily do after reading reliable reviews such as Euromoon Casino Review.

The Wager and Playthrough Requirements

Before you get to learn all you need to know about casino bonuses, it is very important to learn more about the wagering and playthrough requirements. It is in this regard where most of the confusion, and disagreements come in.

Here is an example of what you might be told when betting. “ You are required to play your deposit and the bonus 20 times before you are able to get your winnings”. The wagering numbers normally range from one casino to another.

Now, this is what you are supposed to do. You will deposit a hundred dollars and in return, get a bonus of a hundred dollars. When you play in, you will walk away with $200 that you can later play with. You will have to wager this amount not less than 20 times before you can be able to get your money. That implies that you will be required to make $4,000 in terms of bets.

At times, a casino may want you to play your bonus through a given number of times. So, with the illustration that has been provided above; you will begin with $200, although $100 would have to be played through twenty times. This implies that you will be required to make not less than $2,000 worth of bets before you can be given your winnings. The other thing that you would also need to know is the kind of games that allowed, as well as the other ones that aren’t allowed.

Nearly all casinos will exclude some games from this kind of playthrough. This, therefore, means that even if you have won $10,000 worth of blackjack bets, for instance, your general playthrough will still be at zero. As such, you won’t be given an opportunity to withdraw your winnings.

There are also a number of other casinos that gives players an opportunity to play blackjack games using bonus, but nearly all of them have a higher playthrough requirement. The best thing to do is to ensure that you read all the terms that are in each online casino before you begin playing any of their games.  


The No Deposit Bonus

Of all the bonuses, the simplest one is definitely the “No Deposit” type of bonuses. All you will be required to do is to register your player’s account at any online gambling site, and your money will be sent to your account, without having to make a deposit.

In most cases, and as it can be seen in most reviews, this money might be credited automatically to your account, while at certain instances, you might be required to claim the bonus through email or a form of submission that is normally found on the company’s website.

No Deposit Bonus may, however, have certain limitations depending on the kind of casino a particular gambler is playing at. The bottom-line is, however, to read the terms and conditions and ensuring that you are accustomed to them.

One common limitation could be the maximum amount you are allowed to withdraw when you are using this bonus. If you are playing at a casino site that does not have this cap, you might need to make a token deposit before you are able to get your deposit.

The Match Bonus

The match bonus is the kind of bonus you get the moment you make your first deposit at an online gambling site. This bonus will be able to match your deposit with a particular percentage of your total deposit. As earlier indicated, this bonus is usually for the new players who make their initial deposit to an online gambling site. To be able to get the value of your money, you will be required to determine the percentage amount.

The Free Money Bonus

Free Money Bonus is also a first deposit where you will be able to determine the amount you are receiving irrelevant of the amount you have placed in for the first time. Here is another thing you need to take note of; before you rubbish off a casino that gives you a bonus that might appear to be a bit low, ensure you calculate what that would translate to when you make the required initial deposit.

The Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonus is a reward that you are given by a particular casino to play with, although you don’t get an opportunity to withdraw the amount of the bonus. What this implies is that you will be given free money to play with the moment you have hit the playthrough requirement. You will be able to withdraw any winnings as long as they over and above the deposit that you made on your first encounter with the casino site. Once you have withdrawn your winnings, the bonus will be taken away from your account.

The other main bonus types are the loyalty bonus and the exclusive bonus. Euromoon Casino Review would be able to give you much on these. You can as well check more information.

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