CES 2009: Antec

[ad#article107-top]Antec has been relatively quiet over the past year, just a few releases. This year at CES they invited us up to their suite to check out some of their new products and even to take a look at a prototype case that looks nothing like anything that is out right now! Let’s see what Antec will be releasing this year!


Probably the most popular case to come out in 2008 from Antec was the Skeleton. It was truly a revolutionary design and something we did not expect from Antec. Drawing on the Skeleton’s success they have released the Mini Skeleton-65, which is a ridiculously tiny Mini-ITX version of the Skeleton. At the top you will find a large 150mm TriCool fan. It was really crazy seeing a miniature version of the Skeleton!

CES 2009: Antec CES 2009: Antec

Talking about Mini-ITX cases Antec has 2 more in its new lineup, the ISK 300-65 and the ISK 400. Starting with the smaller ISK 300-65 it features a 0.8mm cold rolled steel frame, 3 drive bays, a side 80mm TriCool fan and a stable 65-watt power adapter. The ISK 400 also had a steel design and features 4 drive bays, 2 side 80mm TriCool fans, and a custom 250W power supply. On the front of both models you have 2x USB ports, firewire, eSATA and audio connections.

CES 2009: Antec

Antec also showed us the Nine Hundred Two which is of course the successor to the original Nine Hundred case. This case will have better airflow with 2 front 120mm intake fans, a top 200mm fan and a 120mm exhaust fan. They are still keeping the side panel design that everyone liked so much. They have also done away with a firewire port on the front and replaced it with an eSATA port.

CES 2009: Antec CES 2009: Antec

Antec showed us a prototype case they are working on called the P1000; it is still on the concept stage. The thing that really caught my attention about it was the clear front door, you don’t see that on many cases! Accented with blue lighting this case really looks sweet! You have 11 drive bays top to bottom and the cool thing about them is that there are 3 drive cages that easily slide out the front of the case. Each drive cage will hold 3 drives and there is a small knob on the front that will adjust the fan speed of the fan on the front of the drive cage. After taking the backside panel off Antec has done something very interesting, they have a strip in the center of the case that you connect all of your power cables to. From there you will be given extenders to connect to components. This will definitely help with cable management.

CES 2009: Antec CES 2009: Antec CES 2009: Antec CES 2009: Antec

No word yet on when this case will be available.


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