CES 2009: Cooler Master

[ad#article112-top]Unlike many companies Cooler Master actually had a lot to show us this year at CES. They were nice enough to invite us up to their Suite at the Palms to check out all of their new products. They showed us a lot of new cases, CPU coolers, and quite a few products from their Choiix line of laptop accessories. Let’s take a look…


Cooler Master announced a new gaming line called Storm. The products in this line are made specifically for gamers and gaming systems. The first case in this line is the Sniper. This mid tower case has all the cooling power you will need with a 200mm intake fan, 200mm top fan, 200mm side panel fan, and a 120mm exhaust fan. On the top part of the case you have the control panel which has a control knob for adjusting the fans, 4 USB ports, firewire port, and eSATA port. This case also has many safeguards for your components and peripherals so they won’t get stolen at LAN party. The second case in the line is the Scout, which has a little different design as not as many features as the Sniper. The Sniper will retail for $179 and the Scout for $109.

CES 2009: Cooler Master CES 2009: Cooler Master

Cooler Master recently released the HAF 932 full tower case, with its popularity they have announced the HAF Mini, which is a mid tower version of the 932.

CES 2009: Cooler Master CES 2009: Cooler Master

The Sileo 500 is a silent case recently introduced by Cooler Master. It features acoustic foam sound insulation material on the top, bottom, and sides. Also it has anti-vibration pads inside the detachable HDD trays and noise reduction pads for the power supply. It has a very sleek design that people will like.

CES 2009: Cooler Master CES 2009: Cooler Master

The Elite 360 can be used as a HTPC case or a mid tower case. The Cooler Master logo on the front can actually be rotated depending on which way you have the case setup.

CES 2009: Cooler Master CES 2009: Cooler Master


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