CES 2010: Digital Experience

Sonos’ shows its Zoneplayer S5, a unique wireless speaker system. For $399 per speaker, the user can establish a customized network of devices capable of both broadcast and reception, controllable through the iPhone or a web interface. One wireless speaker is connected to a router to act as a bridge to the Ethernet network (and thus the Internet), then the speakers create a wireless mesh using a custom wireless protocol called SonosNet. This custom network prevents the speakers from saturating the wireless network and killing performance as well as diminishing the quality of the audio sent and received by the unit. An Android control program is being considered, but for now, it’s iPhone-only.

Playback comes from several thousand Internet sources, as well as iTunes shares and NAS devices, playable from many formats and codecs.

CES 2010 Digtial Experience CES 2010 Digtial Experience

Kingston had one really cool thing that they showed us. It was their 256GB flash drive. This is one of the first flash 256GB drives that I have seen! Kingston is calling this one the DataTraveler 310 and when it becomes available it will retail for around $800-1000!

CES 2010 Digtial Experience CES 2010 Digtial Experience

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