CES 2023: DeepCool Brings Enticing Coolers and Cases to CES 2023

We have really come to enjoy the new design and performance found in DeepCool’s latest products, and we were treated to more of them in their suite at CES 2023.

Assassin IV

deepcool ces2023 1

The latest cooler in the Assasin series, the Assassin IV, is designed with maximum cooling capacity in mind. With a TDP rating of 280 watts, this seven heat pipe cooler uses both a 120mm and 140mm FDB fan to keep your CPU cool, with room to spare in most cases. An easily accessible switch in available to switch between Silent and Extreme modes in order to tune the sound and performance to your liking.

With availability coming soon, the Assassin IV will have an MSRP of $99.99.

CH560 and CH560 Digital Cases

deepcool ces2023 5

Available in both black and white versions, the CH560 and CH560 Digital are high airflow cases that can monitor and display system temperatures and usage via an optional digital display. This display is located on the side of the case, and can be configured to monitor CPU and GPU temperatures, depending on your preference.

Included with the case are three 140mm ARGB fans, and the cases also support 360mm radiators at the front and top of the case. Two additional fan mounts are found on top of the PSU shroud to help provide some additional direct cooling for your GPU.

deepcool ces2023 6

Priced around $110-120 without the screen, the case will also be available with a screen for a small increase in price.

All-White LT Series AIO

deepcool ces2023 4

While not necessarily a new product, the LT Series of AIOs from DeepCool are now available in an all-white design. Everything from the pump housing, tubing and clips, to the radiator and fans is white. This was already a good looking AIO, but this all-white offering can be a great option for builders looking for a super clean build. We expect pricing to be similar to the existing LT Series coolers.

Digital Air Coolers

deepcool ces2023 2

Wrapping things up at DeepCool is a grouping of existing coolers that have been updated to feature digital information readouts on the top in order to provide a quick visual of temperature and utilization statistics. A standard ARGB header is used for the integrated LED lighting, while an internal USB 2.0 port is necessary for the digital display data.

deepcool ces2023 3

DeepCool indicated that they aren’t quite sure which of their existing coolers would be upgraded to the digital design, but those up for consideration include the AS500, AK400, AG500, AK500, and AK620. We don’t have any availability dates or prices yet, but expect to pay a small premium over the standard versions of these coolers.