CES 2023: Patriot Shows External SSD Enclosure and New CPU Cooler

We got a chance to visit our friends at Patriot here at CES 2023, and they were excited to show us their new offerings, including the Viper VXD external SSD enclosure and prototype CPU cooler.

Viper CPU Cooler

patriot ces2023 1

While still just a prototype, the Patriot Viper CPU Cooler already looks quite impressive. Six direct contact heat pipes ensure that the cooler can quickly wick away heat from your CPU and disperse it via its tower cooler design. Two RGB fans are on duty to keep the thermals in check, and the overall design of the cooler was quite nice, though we could see some tweaks here and there to both aesthetics and performance-related items.

patriot ces2023 2

No word on pricing yet, but we expect to see this cooler launch sometime in Q2.

Viper VXD External SSD Enclosure

patriot ces2023 4

If you are the type of user that needs to bring extra storage with you on the go, then the Viper VXD might be just for you. With the ability to add in your own M.2 NMVe SSD, the Viper VXD accommodates drives sizes from 2230-2280 in length. The internal interface is an M.2 form factor with PCIe Gen3 x4, while the external interface is USB 3.2 Gen2 x1.

patriot ces2023 3

This enclosure supports read and write speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s, and allows for drives between 120GB and 2TB in capacity. The aluminum enclosure is easy to open and install a drive in, and features RGB lighting. Internally a thermal pad is included to make sure heat is transferred from your drive to the metal body of the enclosure, which acts as a passive heatsink.

We don’t have pricing or availability on this drive enclosure either, but we should know more after CES.