Checking out Phanteks Enthoo Pro II & More!

While at CES 2020 we had the chance to visit Phanteks. They showed us their new Enthoo Pro II, which is their high-end enthusiast-grade case made for high-end builds. It can fit the largest motherboards, can do a dual-system setup, has room inside for 15 fans, 10 hard drives, and uses Phanteks’ new mesh on the front. This case will only be $130 without any fans.

The next product we saw was the Eclipse P500A, which is mostly based of the P600s case, but the “A” is for airflow. The entire front is a single piece of mesh. This case will be available for $99 with no fans and only $129.99 with three digital RGB fans.

Finally we saw the new Evolv Soundbar. This a wireless (Bluetooth) soundbar that is designed after their Evolv Shift cases. It sounded quite good, but it is only a protype right now.

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