Cherry Announces Cherry MX Silent Keyboard Switches

CHERRY, market leader and specialist for mechanical switches in keyboards, extends the MX family with a new Silent Switch with patented* noise reduction. The manufacturer who consistently improves the development of mechanical key switches is now offering the proven and precise MX technology in a significantly quieter version. CHERRY MX SILENT is the no-compromise solution for everyone.


With the new Silent Switches, CHERRY presents a logical development of the MX technology. Thanks to the patented* noise reduction with integrated 2-component tappets, audible clicks are reduced to the acoustic minimum at the top and bottom ends. Instead of using third-party products, CHERRY has integrated a proprietary and innovative solution through which every single switch retains its special characteristics.

MX RGB technology for the highest reliability and individual design
The noise-optimized version of the MX RGB switches retains all the properties of previous mechanical switches. The new switches are optimized for use with high-quality SMD LEDs, just like the previous RGB models. Through the transparent casing with scattering surface and lens, an absolutely uniform illumination is achieved. All 16.7 million colors can be displayed when using the corresponding LED with high luminosity. For the new MX generation, CHERRY has chosen for the worldwide unique Gold-Crosspoint technology, which guarantees lasting consistent and lossless input of over 50 million keystrokes.

Popular switching characteristics
Initially, CHERRY will release the new Silent Switches in two versions. First, the peripheral specialist starts with the popular MX Red and MX Black switches, that feature a linear actuator. The force required to trigger the switch is 45 (Red) or 60 grams (Black). MX Red and MX Black provide the switching characteristics that are asked by a majority of the users of mechanical keyboards. As with all MX switches, the bounce time is one millisecond, making quick and accurate entries possible.

Corsair as exclusive launch partner
The new MX switch also convinces in the Silent version with an outstanding production quality and maximum reliability. Thanks to the patented noise reduction it is truly a no-compromise innovation. Corsair has exclusively secured this technology for the first six months after launch, to introduce the world’s first gaming keyboard with the new MX Silent switches at the Gamescom 2015 in Cologne.

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