Choiix Wake Up Folio iPad 2 Case Review

Final Thoughts
The Wake Up Folio from Choiix is a great case for your iPad 2.  It is not the ordinary case that just protect the back of your iPad, it is actually a 3-in-1 case.  Of course it is a normal case that you snap your iPad into for protection.  The front cover not only protects your iPad, but it is a smart cover as well.  So when you open it your iPad will wake up and when you close it your iPad will go to sleep.  Finally when you fold the smart cover back your can turn it into a stand for easy viewing and typing on your iPad.  So this case really is 3 products in one!

As far as protection goes the actual case part of the Wake Up Folio is made of a heavy duty plastic, which will protect your iPad against scratches and small drops.  The inside of the case and smart cover have a microfiber lining which will protect both the screen and back of your iPad from scratches.

As I said we received the green version of the case, but it does come in 6 other colors so I am sure you will find a color you like.  The smart cover and back of the case are made of some type of cloth that may get dirty over time, that really is my only concern with this case.

You can find the Wake Up Folio at my favorite online retailer for $39.99, which is a great price considering this is really 3 products in one.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Choiix Wake Up Folio iPad 2 Case a 9 out of 10 score.

– 3 products in one (case, smart cover, stand)
– Easy installation
– Available in 7 different colors

– Cloth on the front and back may get dirty over time

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