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MiPow Juice Cover for iPad 2 Review

Portable electronics, we all have them and they all have one thing in common they are subject to battery life.  When the battery dies on these devices we no longer can play games, do work, or communicate with our friends.  No one wants to be sitting around doing nothing, that is what these portable electronics are for.  MiPow has a really cool protective case for the iPad 2 that also has a built in battery.  It is called the Juice Cover and we are taking a look at it today.

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Choiix Wake Up Folio iPad 2 Case Review

We all want to protect the gadgets that we buy.  The iPad is one of the most popular devices out there so you can bet there are quite a few different options when it comes to accessories.  There are stands, cases, covers etc.  With so many options to choose from it is really hard to pick the perfect accessory for your iPad.  Well how about a protective case that is also a smart cover and a stand?  The case I am talking about is the Wake Up Folio from Choiix and we are going to check it out today.

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Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Review

The last iPad case we checked out from Hornettek was the <a href="" title="Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Review">Solid Case</a>.  This case provided great protection, but did lack a little bit of style.  For those looking for more style and comfort Hornettek has the Rotating iPad 2 case.  This case is the perfect match of style and protection for your iPad 2.  It also has a really cool rotating feature that is perfect for watching media and playing games.  Let’s check it out!

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Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Review

For most people an iPad 2 is an investment, especially with its $499 starting price.  With any gadget you have you want to protect it.  Hornettek is mainly known for making computer accessories, but they have started an iStyle line, which is geared towards Apple products.  Today we will checking out their Solid iPad 2 case.  This case is very elegant, but offers extremely tough protection.

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