Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Review

The last iPad case we checked out from Hornettek was the Solid Case.  This case provided great protection, but did lack a little bit of style.  For those looking for more style and comfort Hornettek has the Rotating iPad 2 case.  This case is the perfect match of style and protection for your iPad 2.  It also has a really cool rotating feature that is perfect for watching media and playing games.  Let’s check it out!

Special thanks to Hornettek for providing us with the Rotating iPad 2 Case to review.

Height: 250mm (9.84 inches)
Width: 195mm (7.68 inches)
Depth: 18mm (0.71 inches)
Weight: 589grams (1.31 lbs)
Color: Cool Black, Iron Grey Interior
Material: Suede + TPU

The Rotating iPad 2 case comes in a nice clear retail package.  Since it is clear you can really get a good look at the case.  The back is also clear, but there is a little bit of info on the case.

Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case

When you open the package up the only thing inside is the iPad 2 case.

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