Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Review

For most people an iPad 2 is an investment, especially with its $499 starting price.  With any gadget you have you want to protect it.  Hornettek is mainly known for making computer accessories, but they have started an iStyle line, which is geared towards Apple products.  Today we will checking out their Solid iPad 2 case.  This case is very elegant, but offers extremely tough protection.

Special thanks to Hornettek for providing the Solid iPad 2 Case to review.

Height: 245mm (9.64 inches)
Width: 195mm (7.68 inches)
Depth: 26mm (1.02 inches)
Weight: 400grams (0.88 lbs)
Compatibility: Fits iPad 2 model
Color: Cool Black
Material: Suede + TPU

The Solid iPad 2 case comes in a nice clear package that really lets you see the entire case.  The back of the package is also clear and has a little bit of information on the case itself.

Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case

When you get everything out of the package there is only the Solid iPad 2 case.