Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers Review

Okay, I’m not going to lie, when Bob asked me to review a set of Genius speakers I was quite skeptical. Let’s just be nice and say Genius doesn’t have the best reputation for producing/selling the best quality speakers. Hell, Genius isn’t that many letters away from ‘generic’ and the fact that Apple employees are also called ‘Genius’s’ (I HATE APPLE)  gave these speakers a sour taste before I even saw the box.

I did a bit of research on these speakers after seeing the un-boxing video a week or so ago on the ThinkComputers website and I was surprisingly impressed. The company’s website claims “Genius brings all serious listeners a new set of speakers, SP-HF2020, to experience magnificent sound.” Let’s see how accurate that statement is and if my first impression holds true.

Special thanks to Genius for providing us with the SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers to review.

Let’s Take A Look
Genius, listen up! Stop using the same bland themed box for every speaker set you’ve ever sold. I remember this box when I was 20 (5 years ago) and I saw my first set of Genius speakers in a Staples near my home. To some people packaging is important. So here is some advice; Fire your marketing team and hire some 18 year old hipster Art Institute student to bring your packaging into the 21st century. Now that I’m done ranting about that lets take a look at what information is on the bland box.

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers

The box includes all the necessary information you’d need if when making a speaker purchase. One side shows the contents which we will get to in a second and the other shows how the speakers generally should be used. The main picture on the ‘use’ side shows the speakers paired with what seems to be you’re standard flat panel TV. My question to you is what size TV is that? The speakers are rather tall but I’ve never seen a TV with dimensions like that. (FIRE YOUR MARKETING TEAM)

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers

Once you open the box you’ll see that its contents are nicely protected in a mix of Styrofoam and cardboard. The package contains:

  • One pair of speakers
  • One 3.5mm stereo to RCA stereo audio cable
  • One remote control
  • User Manual

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers