Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers Review

Speaker Overview
Let’s take a look at the most important part of this speaker setup:

After you pull off the protective plastic on the front of each speaker you get your first glimpse of some really beautiful audio equipment. What can I say? I’m a sucker for piano black gloss finish. It’s truly one of the hardest finishes to keep clean but if you can it has one of the best looks available in home electronics.

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers

These speakers are rather large compared to the majority of PC speakers we usually get in to review, but since these aren’t advertised for PC use (even though they can be used that way) I won’t hold their size against them. They measure out to be 16inches tall, 4.5inches wide, and 5.5inches deep

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers

Each speaker houses 3 woofers and one tiny tweeter. Something you never see anymore is open faced speakers. Regardless of how much better an open speaker looks most speakers come with either a recessed speaker housing or a speaker cover. Genius just said “F*ck it!” and threw all care out the window. If you’re careful with your electronics and can keep your pencil wielding little cousin in a watchful eye you’ll never have to worry about damaging the woofers in these satellites.  These are honestly some of the best looking speakers I’ve ever seen.

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers

The right speaker is the satellite with all the goodies on it. On the front we have a volume knob; 2 buttons; an equalizer button to change to 1 of the 3 sound effect modes and a digital source selection button; LED indicators for everything you have enabled from the sound modes to the input source to the connected power.

The volume knob is the only thing I have a gripe with on this entire speaker setup. It’s a digital volume knob so there is no physical max or min point. Knobs like this are fine as long as some volume level indicator exists to show you exactly how loud you have the speakers. This satellite does not have that. The one thing I would be afraid of it someone cranking the speakers up while nothing is playing. This could easily create two blown out speakers. In a situation where you have these speakers hooked up to a home theatre unit and the receiver is the main volume control this probably wouldn’t be as much of an issue but it’s still something that would bother me if I had little kids or old people around that like to turn knobs.

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers

On the back of the right speaker you have your device inputs and left speaker connector, the inputs include 2 analog and 1 digital. Sadly the majority of us are still running the old analog RCA connectors on all our home entertainment electronics but I really wish these would have had an optical SPDIF connector instead of the digital coaxial connector. The digital coaxial connector was a connector that really never took off and optical is just so much clearer. It does have a direct 3.5mm stereo input for all you iPod and Zune users but it is on the back so it might be a bit difficult for you to get access to if the speakers are put in a semi-permanent spot.

Below all the connectors is a pretty bulky power switch. Remember kids, it’s just like your PC power supply; use the power switch before you unplug anything from the wall. Safety first!

Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers