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Nik Parenti


Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset Review

The Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset was a product that I received after competing in the annual Tiger Direct PC Race. Only after the event was over and all the hoopla from <a href="">CES</a> calmed down did we decide that the Kraken Pro was one of the products we received that we legitimately wanted to review. Razer has a history of making wild claims regarding PC products, i.e. The Razer Blade: The World’s First Gaming Laptop or the Razer Edge Pro: The World’s First Gaming Tablet but with the Kraken Pro they are making a claim based on one of the most subjective topics in product reviews…comfort. The Kraken Pro has a lot to live up to, especially when you make a claim like that, so let’s see how it holds up.


Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad Review

Granted, I haven't been using printer paper, but my first foray into a real mousepad wasn't that long ago. The first true "gaming" mouse pad I ever used was given to me by my best friend, erad1cate. He purchase an Alienware (Dell) laptop online and it came with a hard plastic "gaming surface". Since his girlfriend had already purchased him an awesome aluminum gaming surface he decided to give me the Alienware one. Immediately I noticed a difference in my play and comfort. What have I been doing all these years? Living uncomfortably, that's what. Roccat, whose been known for solid input devices, sent us their new Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad. This budget-friendly surface option is boasted as the solution to all your gaming needs so let’s see if it lives up to that bill.


CES 2013: TactSlider

One of the greatest things about CES is finding those few products that just blow you away. In transit from one scheduled morning meeting to another we crossed paths with the TactSlider booth. This booth was one of the smallest booths that we took the time to stop at during the entire event. Crazy enough the product we stumbled upon will probably revolutionize the tablet gaming industry for years to come. Imagine having a tactile joystick no bigger than a quarter that could attach anywhere to the surface of your mobile device to take the place of the annoying dedicated button spots or terrible tracking d-pads. The TactSlider is a cheap option that will essentially make that d-pad into one of the most comfortable analog sticks I've ever used. With a ridiculous amount of gaming applications the TactSlider is a product that I'm sure will be at CES next a MUCH bigger booth.


CES 2013: Razer

Every large press event Razer seems to make a point to launch a new spectacular product. CES 2013 they decided to launch a few... Products ranging from revamped PC input devices, to console controllers to the "Only True Gaming Tablet” on the Market make the Razer booth a must see. Razer as a brand is revolving around products styles that are built on the a quality backbone. Designed by gamers for gamers in a moniker that at CES could never be truer.


CES 2013: Zalman

Zalman has been a cooling company that has never accepted the norm when it comes to current market trends. In a world where all-in-one CPU coolers are dominated by a standard rectangular radiator design Zalman decided to push their engineering limits and showcase a cooler that truly reflects a style we've learned come love. With quality matching engineering excellence in a large spectrum of product 2013 is expected to be quite the year for Zalman.


CES 2013: In Win Cases

In the past In Win has been a computer case company that focused on aesthetically pleasing options for all types of users. 2013 proves to be no different. With several new case options, some of which were the coolest we saw at CES, In Win proved that all the innovation awards that they walked away with this year were well deserved. The next "Frame" cases, one of which was a concept case from 2012 brought to life for CES, caught the attention of every person that happened to walk by the booth. If you are a DIYer and like unique looking cases this is a video you have to check out.


CES 2013: Samsung

One of the largest companies at CES 2013, Samsung took the liberty to demo some of the hottest products coming to market and currently dominating the world of electronic sales. The 'Series 7 Gamer' took the award of 'Best Laptop of CES 2012' and this year Samsung showed us the follow up to that outstanding product with the Series 7 Chronos. Qualifying as an Ultrabook in every criteria except the processor, this desktop replacement laptop will physically amaze you, aesthetically and with its hardware. We also took the liberty to overview some of the more prominent products for which Samsung is known. Check out the video for more details.


CES 2013: Archos Tablets

The surrogate mother to the Android tablet has recently been overshadowed by companies like ASUS and Samsung due to superior hardware and product support. Those days are GONE! Archos has revamped the idea of Android tablet and had developed some of the most hardware intensive options currently on the market. With specifications similar to the likes of the iPad any lover of Android should be salivating. Archos has also continued with the innovation of the external functionality of the standard tablet by developing tablet models centered around gaming and productivity. Archos was never gone but was sometimes 2013 they will be a company to be remembered.


CES 2013: Roccat

One of the biggest splashes made in 2012 in the ThinkComputers universe was caused by the asteroid known as Roccat. A long time player in the Europe, Roccat decided to step up their game and compete with the big dogs in the US market. Apparently German dogs are just as mean as SEA dogs because the products that Roccat showcased at the LVH suite on the first day of CES would even impress Michael Vick. With the inclusion of one of the sickest mechanical keyboard options and the further development of the 'Power Grid' product, Roccat is poised to plant some roots in the US and not let anyone tread of that ground.


CES 2013: Seagate

At CES 2013 Seagate is stepping away from the normal storage options and expanding their horizons into something more "innovative appropriate". Wirelessly streaming large files from any storage option to a device has been a pain ever since the idea was introduced. Video streaming was the largest of these pains. Seagate decided to develop Novocaine in the form of a storage device that integrates with a specific application for this very task. Even with the overworked WiFi connection and saturated network the video that was shown to use streamed like butter. Check out the video for more in depth coverage.


CES 2013: M-Edge

Possibly one of the most attractive booths at digital experience M-Edge year to year delivers when it comes to protecting your valuable mobile electronics. This year M-Edge showcased products named after some of the most badass movies in history. These products were the definition of stylish and functional. With protection options ranging from the iPhone to the Kindle Fire you're sure to be safe all while staying sexy.



Always an option an digital signage and KVM applications IOGEAR is taking the reigns when it comes to wireless video transmission. Video transmission from point A to B has always been a challenge for companies and IOGEAR has always come through with wired and now slick wireless options. As the market for specific transmission applications changes IOGEAR follows suit. Awesome products that would scare any cable or satellite provider and make any end user quite happy are just some of the featured items that IOGEAR looks to use to make 2013 a year to be remembered.

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