Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad Review

In every “professional” gamers career you have to make sacrifices. Sometimes the choice between paying next month’s internet bill takes precedence over the option of rocking a new mousepad. Hell, sometimes this precedence lasts so long that the old ole’ crusty mousepad we threw in the trash makes its way back out on our desks. I can remember one time where I rocked a new white piece of 8×11 printer paper as a mouse pad for weeks. A mousepad wasn’t something I cared about. I figured my performance on the rough wooden desk surface would be just as good on a paper surface as it would be on anything else…needless to say I’ve been gaming for over 10 years now and no one has heard of me (YET).

Since I’ve moved up in the world and I’m a hot-shot Staff Writer for ThinkComputers I don’t have to sacrifice things like mousepads anymore.

Granted, I haven’t been using printer paper, but my first foray into a real mousepad wasn’t that long ago. The first true “gaming” mouse pad I ever used was given to me by my best friend, erad1cate. He purchase an Alienware (Dell) laptop online and it came with a hard plastic “gaming surface”. Since his girlfriend had already purchased him an awesome aluminum gaming surface he decided to give me the Alienware one. Immediately I noticed a difference in my play and comfort. What have I been doing all these years? Living uncomfortably, that’s what…

Roccat, whose been known for solid input devices, sent us their new Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad. This budget-friendly surface option is boasted as the solution to all your gaming needs so let’s see if it lives up to that bill.

Special thanks to Roccat for providing us with the Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad to review.

The Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad comes in a rather unique box. For starters it’s sexy as hell. Roccat is a company that takes its packaging seriously. Seeing that the product itself is rolled up inside, Roccat took the liberty of adding a small sample material of the bottom and top of the gaming surface on the side of the box. The feel of a mousepad it what makes or breaks it for most people so placing this on the side so anyone can feel it is a sure fire way to make it known what you’re buying.

Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad

The box lists all the specifications that make the Sense the Sense but the major points are:

  • Minimized Friction thanks to the microcrystalline coating bonded to an ultra-soft cloth base
  • Optimum Gliding Area and pointer positioning thanks to a generous command surface of 400 x 280mm
  • Rubberized Backing featuring a diagonal chevron weave for the perfect amount of grip on any surface
  • Ultra Low Height at just 2mm
  • Developed in conjunction with the Pro’s for ensured competitive readiness