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CES 2018

Razer’s Innovative Wireless Mouse & Mouse Pad Combo

Wireless mice are cool but there are two problems, they are heavier than wired mice, and the battery could die in the middle of a heated battle. Razer is aiming to solve each problem with Mamba Hyperflux and Firefly Hyperflux.

Kingston HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad

Kingston HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad Review

Kingston has been building their HyperX gaming brand over the past couple of years and have really come out with some great gaming-focused products. Of course we know the HyperX line for great memory and SSDs, but they also have gaming headsets and mousepads. Today we will be taking a look at one of the their latest mousepads in the HyperX FURY Pro. This mousepad has a high-quality fabric pad that’s soft yet resistant and heat-treated for a controlled glide. Kingston actually offers this mousepad in four different sizes, they sent us the Large version (HX-MPFP-L) which has official dimensions of 420mm x 500mm. Let’s get to gaming and see how well we like this mousepad!


CM Storm Power-RX Gaming Mousepad Review

The CM Storm Power-RX seems to be the skinny brother to the Control-RX. Both were released at the same time to target different audiences. Cooler Master boasts that the Power-RX is designed for making precise and intricate movements with ease. It features their “Surgical Strike Surface” construction. Read on as we take a look...


CM Storm Control-RX Mousepad Review

As I have said before in a previous review, I don’t really care about the surface that I use when gaming but after using this mousepad for a week, I think my view has changed. First off the mousepad is HUGE and it is also extremely smooth. I’ve never personally seen anything like it. The Control-RX is geared towards low DPI gamers that need that ability to have precise movement. The smooth Lycra surface gives you zero drag when moving across the surface of the mousepad.


In Win Rocker Mat Aluminum Mousepad Review

When you think of a mouse pad you think about the old floppy foam ones or even the textured plastic ones that were big in the early 2000’s. With those you have to worry about getting it dirty or spilling your drink all over it. Well worry no more my friends! This mousepad is washable, water resistant and scratch resistant because it is made from aluminum. That's right, ALUMINUM! It is the first that I have ever seen and might just be the first one to hit the market.


Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad Review

Granted, I haven't been using printer paper, but my first foray into a real mousepad wasn't that long ago. The first true "gaming" mouse pad I ever used was given to me by my best friend, erad1cate. He purchase an Alienware (Dell) laptop online and it came with a hard plastic "gaming surface". Since his girlfriend had already purchased him an awesome aluminum gaming surface he decided to give me the Alienware one. Immediately I noticed a difference in my play and comfort. What have I been doing all these years? Living uncomfortably, that's what. Roccat, whose been known for solid input devices, sent us their new Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad. This budget-friendly surface option is boasted as the solution to all your gaming needs so let’s see if it lives up to that bill.

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ROCCAT Announces the No-Fray Hiro Mousepad

ROCCAT, the German manufacturer of professional gaming accessories, today announced a January 2013 North American release date for its new high-performance cloth gaming pad – the ROCCAT Hiro – 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad – the world’s first mousepad to use an advanced new manufacturing process that creates smooth, rounded edges that won’t ever fray, even after extended use. The patented build process creates an inseparable “power bond” between upper and lower surfaces, delivering a mousepad of unrivaled durability.

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