Kingston HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad Review

Kingston has been building their HyperX gaming brand over the past couple of years and have really come out with some great gaming-focused products. Of course we know the HyperX line for great memory and SSDs, but they also have gaming headsets and mousepads. Today we will be taking a look at one of the their latest mousepads in the HyperX FURY Pro. This mousepad has a high-quality fabric pad that’s soft yet resistant and heat-treated for a controlled glide. Kingston actually offers this mousepad in four different sizes, they sent us the Large version (HX-MPFP-L) which has official dimensions of 420mm x 500mm. Let’s get to gaming and see how well we like this mousepad!

Special thanks to Kingston for providing us with the HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad to review.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Thickness: 3-4mm
Width x Length:
S: 240mm x 290mm
M: 300mm x 360mm
L: 420mm x 500mm
XL: 420mm x 900mm
Approximate weight:
S: 116 grams
M: 188 grams
L: 426 grams
XL: 790 grams
Material: Cloth, rubber

The HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad comes rolled up in a long box. The front of it actually has a cutout so you can get a feel for the material before you buy it. It also goes over some of the main features and lists the different sizes.

Kingston HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad

On the back of the box it lists the specifications and lets us know that the mousepad does have a 2-year warranty.

Kingston HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mousepad

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