Seasonic S12D 850W Power Supply Review

[ad#review1065-top]Seasonic has been around for a long time-since 1975. It is more well-known for its OEM line of power supply units, but it sells some models retail, as well. It touts the S12D 850W power supply unit as being certified 80PLUS Silver, proving that the unit is at least 85% efficient. Seasonic claims that the unit can achieve 90% efficiency! Add that with a five year warranty and a nearly silent fan and this is one unit worth seriously considering. ThinkComputers has the review.

Features & Specifications

– Super High Efficiency [up 90%]
– DC to DC Converter Design
– Tight Voltage Regulation
– Highly Reliable 105C Japanese Brand Capacitor
– Solid Caps on +12Vs
– Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
– Dual Sided PCB Layout
– San Ace Silent Fan [SANYO DENKI]
– Smart & Silent Fan Control [S2FC]
– Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
– Multi-GPU Technologies Supported
– All-in-One DC Cabling Design
– Universal AC Input
– Patented Easy Swap Connector
– 5 Year Warranty


The S12D comes in a standard clamshell box depicting the unit inside and highlighting the various certifications and specifications attained by the unit, such as 80PLUS and SLI certifications.

The most interesting graph on the back is the efficiency graph. Most even enthusiast-level folks don’t understand the point of all the talk about efficiency. A certain amount of electricity is required to power the unit, but some of that is given off as heat. Where another PSU might require 500W to yield 400W to the computer, thus displacing 100W of heat, the S12D requires only 444W to yield 400W, sacrificing only 44W to heat.

The box includes the PSU, a quick start guide, a manual, a power cord, and a floppy connector adapter.


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