iBUYPOWER Gamer Paladin E870 i7 Gaming System Review


When it comes to gamers they want the newest and most powerful gaming systems out there. They really only have 2 choices, build a gaming PC themselves or get a custom gaming PC built for them. There are really only a few of reliable, well known custom builders out there and today we will be taking a look at a system from once such builder, iBUYPOWER. They have sent us their brand new Gamer Paladin E870 gaming system that sports an Intel Core i7 870 processor, 2x Radeon 4890’s, 8GB of memory and liquid cooling. Let’s take a look…


Intel Core i7 870 Processor
8GB Corsair Dominator DD3-1600 Memory
2x ATI Radeon 4890’s
ASUS P7P55D Deluxe
Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ 240mm radiator
1000W Extreme Power Supply
128GB Kingston SSDNow V Series SSD
1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive
LG Blu-Ray Re-Writer
12-in-1 internal flash card reader
Internal USB Expansion System + Bluetooth module
Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid Tower Gaming Case
– Killer Bee Paint Job
iBUYPOWER internet mouse
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

Price: $2675
Prices start at: $1739


The iBUYPOWER system came in a HUGE box! Opening the box up you will find a notice making sure you check to make sure everything is included in the box. They also provide numbers and e-mail addresses in case there are any problems. Opening the box up there is a large piece of foam.

Moving the foam out of the way we find a Cooler Master HAF 922 box with the system inside, an accessories bag, and a keyboard. The case itself is protected with the normal protection provided by the HAF 922 case box.

When you get the system out of the box you will notice 2 orange stickers pointing to the 2 thumbscrews on the back of the case. This is because iBUYPOWER wants you to open the system and remove the foam insert that is on the inside. This is one of the first systems I’ve seen with a foam insert. It helps protect everything inside and keeps things from moving around during shipping.


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