Cooler Master MP860 Dual-Sided RGB Mousepad Review

We’ve seen RGB-enabled products grow to pretty much anything you can put in your system, to everything that you can put on your desk.  RGB mousepads seem to be popular as they add some extra bling to your setup. What is interesting about the RGB mousepad we are taking a look at today is that it’s best feature has nothing to do with RGB. The Cooler Master MP860 gaming mousepad is a dual-sided mousepad. So on one side you have low-friction fabric for fast, speedy mouse action and on the other, you have aluminum for high precision and control. So depending on the game you are playing you could easily flip the mousepad over to use the surface that best suits your needs. The RGB on the mousepad just seems like an extra feature, but one that is welcomed. Let’s see what this mousepad is all about!

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the MP860 Dual-Sided RGB Mousepad to review.


mp860 specs


Taking a look at the retail box for the MP860 mousepad we can see a picture of the mousepad in action on the front.

Cooler Master MP860 Dual-Sided RGB Mousepad

Flipping over to the back we have details on the two different surfaces as well as some of the other features of the mousepad.

Cooler Master MP860 Dual-Sided RGB Mousepad

Opening the box up inside you’ll find the mousepad and a user’s guide.

Cooler Master MP860 Dual-Sided RGB Mousepad

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