HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad Review

In a world of flashy keyboards and mice with RGB LED lighting, and gaming headsets with impressive virtual surround sound capabilities, it is easy to forget about a simple, yet important part of any gaming setup. While a mouse pad may seem trivial to many, it can be a critical component to others. Coming in all sizes and materials, mouse pads can play a huge part in having a comfortable computing experience. HyperX knows this, and has designed the Fury S Pro Gaming mouse pad with comfort and performance in mind. Can a mouse pad really make that much of a difference? Read along to find out!

Special thanks to HyperX for providing the Fury S Pro review sample!


Sizes: SM, M, L, XL
Thickness: 3-4mm
Width x Length:
– SM: 290mm x 240mm
– M: 360mm x 300mm
– L: 450mm x 400mm
– XL: 900mm x 420mm
Material: Cloth & Rubber


The Fury S Pro comes rolled up in a long rectangular retail box that gives a view of the mouse pad shape, as well as a listing of a few of the features on the front of the box. Towards the bottom portion is a small cutout that acts as a window, allowing you to get a feel for the soft cloth surface of the Fury S Pro. A simple colored dot designates the XL size of our particular sample, and the Speed Edition designation is listed at the bottom. Around back we find a shortlist of the mouse mat’s specifications in multiple languages, along with a small bit of information regarding the two-year warranty.

FurySPro 01 Large FurySPro 02 Large

FurySPro 04 Large