EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard Review

One company that sort of hides under the radar when we have a new chipset launch is EVGA. We all know EVGA for their graphics cards, but their motherboards are less known. One thing I’ve liked about EVGA is how they haven’t conformed like everyone else and overloaded their motherboards with RGBs and things that just aren’t needed. With the Z390 launch EVGA’s first motherboard is the Z390 FTW, which is will eventually sit in the middle of their Z390 product stack once other boards are launched. This board looks quite similar to the Z370 FTW board, but does have a few changes. We will be combining this board with our Core i9-9900K to see what it can do! Read on to find out!

Special thanks to EVGA for providing us with their Z390 FTW Motherboard to review.

Features & Specifications
evga specs

The EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard comes in a nice retail box. On the front it says “Z390 FTW” real big with some of the features a technologies supported in the bottom corner.

EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard

Flipping over to the back we have more information on the board and some of the main features are detailed.

EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard

Getting everything out of the box besides the motherboard you’ll find a quick install guide, I/O shield, 2-way SLI bridge, SATA cables, M.2 screws, a USB stick with drivers, M.2 screws, and M.2 thermal pads.

EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard

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