EVGA Z390 FTW Motherboard Review

Overclocking on the Z390 platform is pretty much the same as on the Z370 platform. So if you are familiar with that, overclocking your 9th gen Intel processor will be pretty easy. EVGA has a few different overclocking options within the BIOS. The first is “Gamer Mode”, which will set an instant overclock based on your processor. For our Core i9-9900K it would set an overclock of 4.9 GHz across all eight cores.

evga bios 1

The next overclocking option is the new “OC Robot”. This will actually test different overclocks and decide what your system can handle based on your cooling. It has a very cool interface as well. Our our case it gave us an overclock of 5.2 GHz across all eight cores.

evga bios 2

Now this overclock would have worked, except that when you apply the changes it keeps the voltage on “Auto”. So when you put full load on the CPU the temperature jumps up quite high. Less than a minute into our stress test and we were at 96C! So with that I went back into the BIOS and set the Vcore voltage manually to 1.35V.


With our voltage set we were able to achieve a stable overclock of 5.2 GHz across all eight cores of our Core i9-9900K!


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