Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad Review

Usage and Conclusion
The moment I took the Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad out of the box and laid it on the desk I knew I was in for a pleasant experience. I never imagined something so thin could make such a perfectly flat surface out of all the imperfections in my desk. The microcrystalline surface is really unique. It gives this sense of firmness when lying flat but when you pick the gaming surface up it flexes as if it’s no different than any other cloth surface.

For the last few months I’ve been using an oversized Zotac Cloth mouse pad that I picked up at a LAN party. When I removed the Zotac mouse pad and put the Sense in its place I figured there would be some sort of adjustment period. The adjustment period that I wasn’t expecting was realizing that the LAN party mouse pad I was using was not even in the same league as the Sense. My mouse felt more responsive. It would glide smoother across my desk. And lastly, the best part, was it looked a hell of a lot sexier than the one I was previously using.

For $20 the Sense is the perfect accessory for taking your game to the next level. You’d never know the difference a gaming surface can make until you use one. You’d also never know the difference between a quality gaming surface and a so-so one until you use one.

From this point on the Sense will be the baseline for all other gaming surfaces. Let it be known that this product was designed for gamers. Gaming is something were we seldom forget that precision is the key to victory. Think of your mouse as an Indy car. The smoother the road the faster your car can go. That road just so happens to be your mouse pad.

ThinkComputers gives the Roccat Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

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  • Thin
  • Unique Surface
  • Looks good
  • Cheap


  • None