Reeven Arcziel 12 CPU Cooler Review

For whatever reason, whether it be the name Arcziel or the general round shape you see looking at this cooler installed, it absolutely makes me think of the Arc Reactor from Iron Man.  You know, the fusion based device that keeps Tony alive and powers his techno suit of armor?  And so it was with great anticipation of superhero like abilities that I opened and began testing this top down horizontal air cooler from Reeven the Arcziel 12!

Special thanks to Reeven for providing us with the Arcziel 12 for review.

– REEVEN Original Unique Fan Clips design for easy fan mounting
– Unique embossed fin design for optimized air flow through the heatsink.
– Using 6pcs 100% quality controlled heatpipes(6mm)
– Advanced clearance heatpipe layout for the maximum heat transfer.
– Equipped REEVEN Original Coldwing 12 Fan(120mm PWM)

Styled similarly to the previous cooler we reviewed from Reeven, the Arciel 12’s packaging has an industrial/militaristic look that is very popular.  Made with both high quality materials and a well thought out design the packaging says, “I  am made well and so is the product within.” Or something like that.  Whatever the case, gives the impression of money well spent.

Reveen Arcziel 12 CPU Cooler

The front of the box has a lot going on, including a compatibility guide, a photo of the cooler, and the name.  Moving down we are shown a diagram of the cooler with dimensions as well as an air flow demonstration.

Reveen Arcziel 12 CPU Cooler

The back of the box has a listing of technical specifications in 6 languages.  Also included on the box is the manufacturers warranty, a demonstration of the installation brackets, and the feature list we included above.

Reveen Arcziel 12 CPU Cooler Reveen Arcziel 12 CPU Cooler

Opening the box you will find the cooler with the fan already attached, the manual and a box containing all the accessories.

Reveen Arcziel 12 CPU Cooler

Taking the accessories out of the box you will find an assortment of metal and plastic pieces that in similar fashion to the other Reveen cooler we reviewed, are reminiscent of the old Erector sets you may have played with as a kid.  Worth highlighting as well is the fact the Reveen has included both a mini wrench and a sleeve of thermal grease to ensure you have everything needed to do your install.  Of course you will need to provide your own Phillips head screwdriver.